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Types of Health Insurance You Should Know

Types of Health Insurance

Who does not want to have a healthy body? yes, everyone dreams of it. But according to the “nobody’s perfect” quotes, there will be a moment when you get sick. If we haven’t saved up for sudden things, this will make us headache. Then health insurance appears to help you in preparing health costs easier. However, there are some types of health insurance you should know. Therefore, before choosing the right one, you have to identify it first. Here are the following types that you can learn.


Fee-for-service becomes one of the types of health insurance to know. If you use this insurance, you will have full autonomy to choose hospitals, doctors, and other services. This is surely very easy for you because you can refer freely even without getting permission. But besides this convenience, there are also the negative side you should know. It usually involves more expenses before the company you choose starts paying. After paying this expense, the company will issue 80% for your bill.

Point-of-Service (POS)

Point of Service or known as POS is the second type of health insurance. It will be a little more complicated than before because there are many things to do. Actually, you can get out of the network and still get coverage. But this is not as easy as you think. But if you want to get a referral to a specialist, you need to go through PCP. It means that you will spend more money and more time. Besides, there will be more documents to prepare if you refer to yourself.

Managed Care

Managed treatment has become one of the most popular types of health insurance these days. This insurance develops very quickly and has a basic maintenance plan. Many people use health insurance with several types of managed care. But whatever the type, all managed treatments involve arrangements between the insurance company and the policy holder. Usually there are explicit standards that will ensure that the treatment is of high quality.

Traditional Health Insurance

We move to one of the more traditional types of insurance. This is what many people used around 30 years ago. This works by paying a number of medical fees in advance. Then it can be deducted and insurance pays most of the bills. When viewed from this aspect, the compensation program is somewhat like car insurance. As technology advances, there are many entrepreneurs are now looking for ways to reduce business costs. This proves that traditional insurance follows the changing times to offer good services.

Based on the options above, you can decide an insurance that suit your need. But make sure that anything related to the insurance itself are clear. You don’t want to spend your money for something unnecessary, do you? Therefore, it’s better to get to know all of them first. Premi and protection become two main aspects you need to re-check. Don’t need to worry much because most of the insurance company provide the best services according to any needs.