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Reasons Why is My Car Insurance so High

Why is My Car Insurance so High

There must be some reasons why people experienced something bad for car insurance. It could be because of the higher insurance premium and others. Of course, it makes us uncomfortable in paying it monthly or yearly. You may be still wondering why is my car insurance so high. Especially for those young generation who have been on their parent’s insurance. You may be surprised with how much it costs. Therefore, you can read information below to open up your mind about the reasons why is my car insurance so high.

The Problem of Age

Do you realize that younger drivers pay more for car insurance? Yeah, this becomes the first point you should know. This kind of issue happens because younger drivers get more risk. So, this is the answer if you are still wondering why is my car insurance so high. For more specific, the higher car insurance is given for the male drivers. Therefore, if you are young and male, you should prepare enough money to buy your own coverage. But you can anticipate it before by knowing the standard of age for cheaper insurance which is around 25 and above.

You Might Don’t Get the Discounts

The second reason why is my car insurance so high is because of the discounts. If you find it more expensive than your parents’ auto policy, this might be the reason. You should know that their discounts don’t always apply to your own coverage. There are two common discounts that can save more of money which are multi policy and multi vehicle. If you lose both of them, it means that you will pay more premium later on.

Low Number of Credit Score

Low number of credit score might be the next reason why you get higher price of policy. It’s just like when you play a game. Having good credit score will be very beneficial for ourselves as a player. Well, this is also the same when you apply insurance. Good credit score will keep you in the safety zone. While if you get bad credit score, you will need to pay bigger even twice. But this does not apply in all areas such as California. This state does not allow to set insurance costs based on credit scores.

The Violation that You Made

The last reason might cause the price of car insurance is the violation that you made. This has to do with credit scores above. Your driving history becomes very important aspect for the insurance company. It will try to find out how safety you are as a driver. Even it doesn’t affect the result of insurance if you have a poor driving record. In addition, the number of violations you made also affect the premium. There are some activities you should pay attention about. Texting while driving becomes one is the examples. If one day you do it, there will be a percent increase in the premium you have to pay. According to this reason, what you should do is be more safety and discipline as an insurance user.