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Critical Illness Quote


Critical Illness Quote

Critical illness. The title alone may make you shiver in dread, hopefully you will never hear the words “you are critically ill” spoken over you. Unfortunately for thousands daily, this is exactly what happens and their whole life is turned topsy-turvy. Nobody wants to hear this horrific news, but it could be worse – you could have no insurance! That would indeed be a nightmare, the difference being that you won’t wake up from it.

But what is it exactly and what does it mean to get a critical illness quote from an insurance company? Here are a few points to consider.

What is it exactly? Firstly a “critical illness quote” is something you will receive from the insurance company after they have assessed your situation. “Critical illness” may be what you are diagnosed with and indicates that you are not expected to live a long and healthy life! Notice though I use the phrase “not expected”, this is simply because sometimes the doctors get is wrong or indeed God moves in, and you live a full and happy life. However-and this is the important part-a reputable insurance company will still pay out the sum assured upon your diagnosis.

But won’t I be dead? Definitely not, but you will be very ill-though you may not feel it. It is the diagnosis of critical illness by the doctor that counts. The term “critical” does not necessarily mean that you will be writhing about in pain on the floor! It simply means that you are not expected to live out your “three score years and ten” as this illness is in danger of cutting it short.

Is it really worth the money? Well that really depends on what you consider “worth the money” we all think insurance is a real bind until something like this happens. Whether it’s home insurance or insuring our car or indeed any other type of insurance policy, it’s all too expensive-until we have to make a claim. There are a number of good reasons for getting a critical illness quote. Here is just a few of them.

1. Funds to pay for the best medical care..

2. No worries about keeping up with your mortgage or other loan payments.

3. No need to worry about working through your illness.

4. Funding to adapt your home if needed.

5. Make the most of your time with funds to enjoy it.

Summary: Money can’t buy you love-as the song goes! However it can pay the medical bills, the mortgage bills, the credit card bills etc. Can you afford not to have it? that is indeed the question. A critical illness quote may just be an “angel of mercy” in a troubled world.