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Costs Involved in Rhinoplasty Procedures


Costs Involved in Rhinoplasty Procedures

If you are thinking about having a nose job or rhinoplasty, it is important that you should consider the costs involved in the procedure. First off, this is an elective cosmetic surgery therefore this procedure will not be covered by most insurance. There are some individuals who will tamper with the reasons why there is a rhinoplasty procedure made. If an insurance company discovers the tampering, both the plastic surgeon and you, the patient, will be penalized and will lose the support of said insurance company. The usual costs of rhinoplasty runs from $3,000 to $12,000, however this really depends on some factors:

• The extent of surgery that is needed to be done on the nose. If it is a first time job, then the costs would be lower. However, if it is corrective because of a prior surgery gone awry, then it would increase the costs considerably. Also, if the damage was done because of an accident, then the costs could be covered by the insurance company for there is now a medical necessity to do the procedure. The costs could lower in these cases.

• The surgeon who is hired to do the procedure. The more famous the surgeon, the higher the fee. However, if they are that famous, that also means that they are experienced in the procedure and could demand the high fee because their names and reputation will be an issue. You will also know that you are in the right hands and can expect a great result.

• The area or locality where the surgery is to be done. If the rhinoplasty were to be done by a famous plastic surgeon of the stars in California, then expect the rates to soar to the heavens. The same procedures could be done at lower rates by equally experienced plastic surgeons if they are located in areas away from where the stars frequent.

Before going through the rhinoplasty procedure, check with your insurance company to clarify any issues. Also, it is important that you should get a pre-authorization before you go under the knife to speed up the process of claims and other paper work.