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Comparison Tips For New Home Owners


Comparison Tips For New Home Owners

Preparation and organisation are essential to minimise the stresses of moving house. Making sure everything goes to plan such as choosing a reliable removal company, getting legal documents prepared and signed on time and sorting out the forwarding of post and changes of address to friends, family and employers can be an exhaustive and expansive task. But a house move can also mean an opportunity for a fresh start, and a way to reduce your bills and improve the quality of many domestic services you might be paying for.

One of the first things to do when moving house is to have a clear ‘moving out’ date. Although it can be easier when taking work commitments into account to move at the weekend, removal companies charge rates according to peak and low demand. A weekday move could well work out a lot cheaper, although factor in any loss of earnings if you need to take time off work. Get as many quotes as you can. Some local companies provide better value for money and it can be easier to measure their reputation on the advice of local people.

Compare prices on any new white goods or other items you will need for your new home, and order them so that they arrive at a time that suits you. Ordering goods after you have moved could involve the hassle of having to live without some useful appliances. By planning ahead you can avoid the fuss of arranging delivery when you’re probably going to be busy with a lot of other things to do.

Utility companies such as telephone and gas companies will need to know of your intentions at least two weeks before the move, so they can let you know of any issues with switching connections and any other important information on your property. Make sure you are aware of any charges for the new connections. As you are taking the time to speak with the utilities companies for what is in effect a new connection or service, it can be a good idea to use this time to either ask for a better deal on your service. Alternatively, you can compare prices on products and services such as broadband and see if you can get a better deal from another company.

It is important to make sure your existing home insurance covers the items you will be moving in case they are lost, stolen or damaged in transit. The removal company should have its own insurance for this, but with expensive or valuable items it is worth making sure they are covered. Consider this as an opportunity to get an improved home insurance package. Both buildings and contents insurance prices can vary depending on the type, location, and security of your new home. So remember to make sure it is covered adequately at the best possible price.

Don’t forget to either cancel or update your subscriptions, such as milk and newspaper deliveries. Your post can easily be forwarded by the Royal Mail for a small charge, and you can choose the time period during which they will ensure letters and documents sent to your old address are automatically redirected to your new home. Moving home can also be a way for others to benefit from saving money, as any clutter you clear out can be donated to a charity shop where it could be valued by others in need.