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Change Your ‘Tude to Get in the Right Mood


Change Your ‘Tude to Get in the Right Mood

I was raised by parents who often reminded me to be grateful for what I had. We were taught to pray, to give thanks, and to show respect. I even recall a time or two in which I was sent to bed with a paper and pencil and told to list all things I was grateful for. I don’t really remember what I wrote down, if anything. I’m sure something, because my parents were inspectors of what they requested.

Over time I discovered more about how my mind works and began to see that what we have in our lives is what we think about, and that we tend to achieve and get what we subconsciously expect. I realized that if I were to continue in a life basically filled with good fortune, I needed to feel fortunate.

Enter my discovery of “Attitude of Gratitude.”

The wisdom behind this discovery is that our minds are magnets, and we will gravitate toward what we think about most, be it positive or negative. For instance, we have all spent time around the “Constant Complainer” – the person unhappy with life, underpaid, gets the crummy job, sees the glass half empty, etc. Such a person, through his own depression, will overlook opportunity and continue to propel himself into emotional bankruptcy. The “Constant Complainer” misses out and goes without, yet at the same time creates a life in accordance within his own belief system.

Everything becomes predictable to such complainers. They are satisfied with knowing that their predictions are reliable and in accordance with their expectations – all negative.

Through time, what I have observed is that our world is fairly forgiving, but that if you entirely concentrate on what you don’t have, you will end up with less and less of what you want. However, those who lead active and fulfilling lives are people who are constantly rejoicing in what life gives them.

Don’t be conditioned to look at what’s negative or what could go wrong. If there are ten things going right, and one thing wrong, we tend to focus on what’s wrong. It’s like painting your living room and pointing out where on the rug you spilled paint! Though it can be difficult, there is a positive side to everything, and you can find it!

An Attitude of Gratitude places thankful attention on what we have. If we focus on what we have that is abundant and rich, we are actually setting ourselves up for more good things to come our way.

The strongest aspect of Attitude of Gratitude is prayer. Giving thanks for what we have is what in God’s eyes is necessary to live fully through Him.

Let’s face it: we could all stand to focus on the positive a little more in life. We all have those days where nothing seems to go our way. However, if we were to look at the things that were going right, think of how much better our day would be! In life, nearly everyone should be able to display an Attitude of Gratitude.

And it must start with you!