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Car Insurance for Young People Explained


Car Insurance for Young People Explained

Many young kids think that driving is cool and romantic. Yes, that is indeed true especially if you have a nice car but there is a hidden side to driving and that is the responsibility and expenses of insurance. Many youngsters who start driving do so in their late teens. At that point they are either still living with their parents or have just moved out. Most of these kids are still under their parent’s insurance cover and so do not really have to worry about the paperwork associated with having good insurance. This article will try to explain some basics about auto insurance for those young people who are need to buy it for themselves.

I bought my first car insurance policy when I was 17 years old (I also paid my own taxes at that age). If you are a young person looking to buy car insurance, I have some bad news for you. Insurance companies don’t really like you. They don’t much like anyone but they especially don’t like young whippersnappers like you. This is because you fall into a high risk category. Younger drivers are more likely to get into a car accident and therefore Insurance premiums will charge them higher than usual premiums.

But there are certain things that you can do to get those premiums down. These tactics are all associated with showing the insurance company that you are responsible. For example, many insurance companies will lower premiums for students with good grades. So if you did well in your senior year in high school, let your insurance company know about it. It all adds up.

Another thing that you can do to lower your premiums is to not buy a sports car. Whether you buy an old or a new speedster, your premiums will be much higher than someone who drives a station wagon. So even if you have a 15 year old MR2, be prepared to pay exorbitant insurance premiums. This is because sports cars are awesome and they go fast. They also cause car accidents which the insurance companies hate.

So please, think about buying a nice old Honda Civic instead of that souped up Camaro and you will be just fine. Get good grades and make sure your insurance company and its competitors know about them. And above all, strive to maintain a good clean driving record. If you have been driving for a few years and have not seen a decrease in your insurance premiums then call you insurance company and ask them to give you a discount.

If you are just starting to research car insurance or if you want to change your insurance provider, it is very important that you do your research. Call as many insurance companies as you can and get the best quotes. Read the fine print and see how much and what aspects of driving are covered. One last thing that younger drivers who own cheap cars end up doing is buying the bare minimum insurance. This is called liability insurance and only covers the other party in case of an accident. Think about this cover only if you have enough cash in the bank to fix your own car.