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Can You Afford To Drive Around Without Temporary Auto Insurance?


Can You Afford To Drive Around Without Temporary Auto Insurance?

A number of times people find themselves in a position where they are forced to borrow vehicles that do not belong to them to drive around. These people could have vehicles of their own that may have broken down or could be visiting an area where they do not have access to their own vehicle. Such people usually tend to borrow a vehicle belonging to others and drive around for the day. Most people make the mistake of believing that they do not have purchase a separate temporary auto insurance policy to cover themselves when driving another vehicle. They tend to believe that their existing policy will take care of any requirements which may arise due to incidents.

When people take such actions, they usually end up on the wrong side of the law without understanding that their existing policy only covers the vehicle which they own and will not offer any protection when they drive a vehicle that does not belong to them. These people could leave themselves open to getting penalized or even have the vehicle that is being driven impounded by law enforcement agencies, if they are stopped for any reason. The lawmakers do not take ignorance as a reason for not purchasing an insurance policy that can be used for a short duration. Lawmakers are concerned not just with the people driving the vehicle, but also those who may be involved in any incident with the drivers. People should understand that they will be able to purchase affordable auto insurance for the period they intend to borrow a vehicle from someone else. Ignoring the aspect of purchasing short-term insurance can only get people into trouble as they will be required to bear all the consequences that may be associated with a traffic offence or an incident.

It must be mentioned that people should be making enquiries with their insurer, even before looking to borrow a vehicle from others for the day. They will find that their current insurer will be in a position to offer them temporary auto insurance for the day for a small premium that will be required to be paid in advance. Once they have made a purchase of such a policy, they will be free to drive any vehicle that they have borrowed for the day. The cost of such a policy will not be high and can in fact be lower than the cost of any incident that they were getting to without purchasing such insurance.