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Buy to Let Insurance – What It’s All About


Buy to Let Insurance – What It’s All About

Properties, when we have them, need to be protected no matter what, especially if the investment made was for renting it out to strangers. One of the most important things that it needs to be covered by a Buy to Let Insurance policy which is a preventive measure from any form of danger, be it water damage, fires, accidents or natural disasters. It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure protection especially as the use is not for personal use but for the use of strangers who are potentially dangerous to the property.

Buy to Let Insurance is the one protection from any form of damage which can occur unexpectedly like theft, fire, explosions, or any form of natural disasters. An ordinary insurance policy doesn’t offer the right kind of cover and in many cases, it won’t be applicable either. Any damage caused by a tenant on the property will not be paid out on without this type of insurance.

The Buy to Let Insurance policy will be there to cover for any unexpected losses. It may be that the insurer used will be able to advise on the necessity for measures under the terms of the policy, which may include:

• Gas checks done annually

• Electrical safety checks

Depending on the type of policy chosen cover could include:

• Mould damage

• Water damage

• Termite infestation

• Rat infestation

• Damaged furniture

• Contents of home repairs

The list above is just some of the considerations that need coverage. It is very important to talk to the insurer on what other things should be covered in their experience, the more the better. However, there are some insurances which do not offer comprehensive cover so it is best to make certain of what is and isn’t part of the policy.

But probably the most important coverage that should be included in the Buy to Let Insurance is for empty property cover as having a lack of occupancy can soon cause debts to accumulate. There is also always the chance of getting a bad tenant so it is best to make sure you are prepared.

Renting out a property is an investment that can mean good income for the any would be landlord, but with the high risks involved it is best to set yourself up so there fewer worries involved. When compared to the standard residential insurance policies, the Buy to Let can cover for predetermined damages within a vacant property.

Without a doubt this type of insurance is very important for the property owners to make sure that all forms of protection are in place. Just make sure that you interrogate the chosen insurance company as to what is covered.