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Best Insurance Companies in the World

Insurance Companies

As the era progresses, the are many benefits of insurance program to get. It is as the marketing strategies of insurance companies in collecting their customers. The more popular the insurance companies, the more also people will join the insurance program. There are many insurance companies in the world that maybe you do not know them yet. You can take a look at the companies below that you can use for the references if you stay in one of these countries.

China Life Insurance

China Life Insurance is the number one of insurance companies that you can choose. If you live in China especially Beijing, you can choose this company for your insurance. It is a large company of the government. In 2016, this company get income about RMB696.3 billion for the operational. It has a significantly increased growth in every year. It also get honors and achievements that make this company becomes a trusted and credible.


Allianz is the number two of insurance companies that you can choose. This company sounds more familiar than the previous insurance company. It is based in Munich, Germany that has costumers in more than 70 countries in the world. Besides offering health insurance, this company also offers asset management. There are some convenience to get such as simple claiming process and you can access the facilities worldwide. It is also gives interesting offer that can save your money about 70%.


Prudential is the number three of insurance companies that you can choose. It is based in London, England. It has customers about 24 million customers around the world. You can plan your insurance in this company according to the stage of your life, such as marriage, home, or children. There is also evaluation for your insurance advisers and annuities that are very useful for you in planning the best insurance in the future.


Axxa is the number four of insurance companies that you can choose. It is based in Paris, France with more than 102 million customers in the world. It has the main offers such as life insurance, accident insurance, and management. There are options of family protection, age insurance, and also funeral plan.You also can talk to advisers to get the suitable needs of your insurance plan.