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Affordable Dental Insurance For Small Business Owners


Affordable Dental Insurance For Small Business Owners

If you are a small business owner and find yourself needing dental coverage, you are not alone. Coverage is very expensive these days and finding affordable dental insurance for small business owners can be very hard because there is no employer to help offset the cost of it for you. There are options, though. Below is a list of 3 great ways to find a low cost dental insurance plan for self employed people.

1) Do you belong to a networking group that is full of other self employed people? If not, it may be time to join. Not only can you make very valuable business contacts and get very valuable referrals, you can also form a group to apply for dental coverage with. Applying as a group will save each member of that group a lot of money on their dental coverage and since these groups are full of self employed people, it won’t be hard to find interested parties.

2) Discount dental plans are often a good option. Instead of purchasing traditional dental coverage, you could opt for a discount dental plan instead. You pay a nominal fee to become a member and once you are, you get access to a bunch of dentists in your area that participate in the group. They provide discounted dental rates to the members of the group. Discount rates range from 40% to 70%. Ask a dentist in your area for information on potential groups for you to join.

3) Are you a member of any local social groups like Lions Club or Kiwanis Club? If not, again, it may be time to join. You could do the same thing in one of these groups that you could do in a business networking group.