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3 Tips to Keep Your Health Insurance Even When Your Job is No Longer Yours Anymore


3 Tips to Keep Your Health Insurance Even When Your Job is No Longer Yours Anymore

The news, the media, our friends experiences, the stories we hear on the streets, your family or maybe even yourself. Each and every one of those have got a sad story to tell amidst the many happy ones, and sometimes it’s regarding not being able to afford medical fees and expenses. Now, if you’ve recently lost your job to retrenchment, mergers or whatever else and you can’t afford your health insurance plan anymore, don’t give up.

No matter what happens, despite the challenges thrown your way always try to keep yourself insured. You may think that you have got to give up your insurance policy just because you no longer generate income. But think again as there are other alternatives. The first is to look up the benefits of your spouse. If they are working and have coverage under a different company, see if they have added benefits for spouse and children as you can use that as coverage. If you were using the same company, plan and coverage then your spouse can use their names to initiate a new coverage immediately without waiting for the next enrollment period.

Aside from that, learn about COBRA and make use of its facilities. If you don’t know what COBRA is, it is a great privilege given to citizens by the government to allow workers to extend their health insurance after they’ve left their jobs. This, of course only applies up to a certain extent of time, usually 18 months. As privileged as this may sound, do scout out other options as this too required the full premium payment, so maybe you could find something more affordable.

In addition to that, if you belong to any sort of organizations, explore the full benefits of those and see if they provide any sort of insurance plan. Maybe not personal insurance, but possibly group or for families. Also, do explore the privileges given by the state such as public insurance. This may not benefit you, but it can help in insuring your kids while you seek out other options for yourself.

In conclusion, don’t let go of your health insurance just because you’ve lost your job, know of its importance and seek out options and alternatives instead of giving it up.