What Drivers Can Expect from the Nuova Citroen C1

The French car manufacturer, Citroen, has introduced five new models of the Nuova Citroen C1. This compact city car remains a cost-effective way for individuals, couples, and small families to get around. A range of gas mileage that goes from sixty-eight to seventy-five miles per gallon, depending on the model and the selected engine, ensures the vehicle will be inexpensive to operate for years to come. The car has always been agile around corners and in wet road conditions because it is designed to be lightweight. The exterior originally lacked style, but is now re-designed for a fun and sporty look. New body colors, two-toned options, and an optional fabric sunroof will get the new models noticed.

Mechanical changes have been made to make the ride quieter and smoother than in past models. Advanced technology is used for better noise insulation. The rear suspension system is improved, and drivers have two engine choices. It is important to keep in mind that the fabric sunroof, which rolls all the way back in one push of a button, will add to the overall noise of the ride at speeds of over thirty miles per hour. It is a small consideration for those who have always wanted to drive a convertible. This is a similar look and feel without the high price tag of a convertible.

All models are available in three or five door variations to accommodate needs and preferences. The hatchback affords this car more room in the boot than two and four door compact vehicles in the same class. Four adults can fit comfortably, especially if the taller ones ride in the front seat. There is an application on the Citroen website called the Configurator that allows drivers to select each model, pick out color choices, add features, and see what the car will look like. Once the perfect combination is found, the estimated gas mileage, total purchase price, and financing options show up on the page. Drivers can explore their options before they decide which model to test drive at a dealership. Those looking for a small car to get around, or families needing a second vehicle, can expect a fun new look, low pricing, and great efficiency from each model of the C1.